DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle


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Design News - Dynacar Puts Entire Vehicle to the Test (2012-05-22)

DYNACAR® is a road vehicle modeling tool, developed in LabVIEW RT. It is fully oriented for ECU´s and powertrain systems designing process, allowing a rapid prototyping, implementation and real-time testing of new vehicles and solutions at early stages.

 The system combines longitudinal and lateral dynamics for maximum flexibility. HW and Human in the Loop concepts are also embedded in the system. The first concept demonstrators was carried out in 2008.

When combined with NI Veristand, custom control algorithms and simulation models generated with other languages can be easily integrated into the vehicle model. DYNACAR easies powertrain engineers through their own vehicle model generation, using an own graphic user interface with an advanced virtual environment. Supervision and real time are fulfilled using all Veristand capabilities.

Characteristics of SW Platform

  • Fully‐developed in Labview RT, therefore deterministic performance
  • Loop solving time less than 1 ms. in RT (using PXI 8110)
  • 3 main loops distributed in PXI 8110 cores for maximum efficiency
  • Integrated in RT test platform software for testing equipment (InertiaTM by Wineman Technologies Inc.)
  • Compatible with NI VeriStandTM for HIL of ECUs, combining HIL input with defined tests (standard drive cycles, physical tests...)In sum, robust, deterministic and fast solutions for HW integration  

+ information: http://www.designnews.com/index-dn-ad.html?gotourl=http://www.designnews.com/document.asp?doc_id=232019


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