DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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1. GKN

GKNGKN advanced e-drive laboratory: Engineers at GKN are using Dynacar for the definition of optimum gear ratio on a novel electric powertrain gearbox. Now that prototypes are available, the e-drive+gearbox and driveshafts are being tested on a "state of the art" laboratory using Dynacar model embedded on a PXI controller. The lay out of the test benches allows simultaneous "Hardware in the loop" and "human in the loop" of the new electric powertrain. Dynacar model combined with our advanced test bench allow GKN Driveline to reduce development time, as we are now capable to test the complete electric powertrain in multiple cases that deal not only with longitudinal but also lateral dynamics, as pointed out by Jose Manuel Cubert, Head of Engineering at GKN Driveline Zumaia plant..


inauxaInauxa S.A., currently Tier 1 supplier of axle components, has used Dynacar for the definition of a patented steering rear axle for a small Van. The tool has been very useful to define the existing forces when maneuvering as well as the actuator controller strategy which is dependant of vehicle parameters such as vehicle speed and steering angle, says Rafael Teijeiro, Research and Development Manager at Inauxa. Active roll bars and other mechatronic components are being developed by Inauxa using the Dynacar tool.

3. MASER Mic

Hiriko Inside the Hiriko Project which proposes new mobility on demand integral solutions for big cities: The MIT Medialab City Car concept is becoming a reality in Spain, designed and industrilized by a Basque industrial consortium (Hiriko Driving Mobility) where MASER Mic develops all the vehicle advanced electronics. The name of the vehicle is Hiriko Fold, as its folds for parking to save space in the parking areas, the vehicle can also spin on their on due to the robot wheels and the drive by wire technology incorporated and it is now approaching serial production. Dynacar is being used for the definition of the supervisory torque control of all the electric drives on the robot wheels, tracction and steering. The optimum torque and steering strategy developed for the Hiriko vehicle would have been much more difficult without the Dynacar tool. The testing of all the mechatronic systems and ECU´s is being conducted by MASER Mic in a "state of the art" mechatronic test bench (labcar) for safe development of this "steer by wire" electric vehicle, according to Carlos Iriondo, CEO of MASER Mic.


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