DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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Towards an integrated, efficient and complete vehicle test environment approach

Dynacar is changing the way vehicle systems and subsystems are designed and tested, moving from today´s siloed behavior to a more integrated, efficient, and complete vehicle test environment approach. This integrated approach is increasingly important in the development of electrified powertrain systems, for which the Dynacar tool is especially suitable.

Dynacar, a unique tool to be used in different design phases

Uses an integrated model approach, from preliminary design to final test bench…

  • Evaluation of new concepts: Very quick studies can be done using the built in model library for efficiency estimations, vehicle drivability, performance assessment, using either the driving or autonomous mode.
  • Model in the loop/ Software in the loop: development of models and control strategies which are proven in a fully virtual environment
  • Hardware in the loop: The electronic control unit (ECU) integrated into the virtual environment provides feedback (stimulus and response) like that which occurs with the real physical vehicle.
  • Test bed / Dynamometer: The propulsion system and its components interact with the models in real time
  • Chassis Dyno: The full vehicle is placed under test

Use of Dynacar along the different V design process stages


Dynacar reduces developing time

Current car development time as measured from concept approval to Job 1, is anywhere from 2 to 5 years, with an average of 3 years. But pressure is already on and will only increase to reduce this development time in order to achieve the optimal 12-month car. Meanwhile, the uptake of alternative powertrains (electric, hybrid) is growing quickly, thereby increasing the complexity of the vehicle and its development time cycle.

The electrification of road transport is complex and includes significant engineering challenges, among which are the innovative design and validation approaches needed for rolling out new powertrains..

Dynacar answers the call! It´s a new concept in enhanced configuration and virtual evaluation tools that enable the efficient development and integration of new comprehensive solutions for the automotive market.

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