DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

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Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle
Logotipo de DYNACAR: advanced research full electric vehicle

References > Publicly funded R+D projects using Dynacar

1. SARTRE Project.

Safe Road Trains for the Environment, funded by the European Commission under the Framework 7 programme, aims to develop strategies and technologies to allow vehicle platoons to operate on normal public highways with significant environmental, safety and comfort benefits. The project is led by Ricardo UK Ltd and Tecnalia is participating in the design of the HMI concept. In order to simulate the maneuvres involved in the platooning concept, Tecnalia is using the Dynacar software for the HMI development.

See video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcF3zMSNtcE

2. E-Light

The main objective of E-Light project is to develop an innovative multi-material modular architecture specifically designed for electric vehicles, achieving optimal light weight and crashworthy performances while ensuring ergonomic on board. Tecnalia is using Dynacar in order to assess the efects in vehicle dynamics of the different component lay out, such as motor in wheel distributed traction, stand alone  e motor configurations, and combination of both. Wheel loads are obtained from the Dynacar vehicle model to define the chassis load documents and specifications.


The VERDE project is focused in the development of a series of technologies that will enable the electrification of the current VW GROUP Brand product range. Tecnalia is contributing to the development of different components within the project, working with Lear Corporation in the development of an advanced power inverter for electric drives, and with VW GROUP Brand in the development of advanced methods for driving cycle forecast. For this purpose Dynacar is being used in the development and validation of algorithms, reducing the number of driving tests needed.

4. CITYELEC: Urban transport electrification

This project that runs from 2009-2012 with a budget of 19M Euro has 33 partners, including Lear Corp, VALEO, SAFT Batteries and Tecnalia, with the objective to develop:

  • A fleet of light electric vehicles and infrastructure elements
  • New concepts for management of electrical power from renewable sources on the grid, focused on maximum storage of renewable energy for mobility.

Research is focused in key elements of vehicle and infrastructure. Dynacar was used in the development of the Reduction Gear, Integrated inverter, and Axial flow permanent magnet sinusoidal machine. Also for the identification of operation points of Cityelec vehicle in urban combined cycle (logged in vehicle and Dynacar generated driving cycles). .  www.cityelec.es

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